From the Record Shelves #116

Santa Claus Blues

CD Documents Archives Musiques 151222

Christmas is not fun if you’re alone and cannot participate in the warm embrace of your family and friends. Luckily it never has happened to me but here’s a reminder that it’s the situation for some. Clarence Williams trio sings beautifully about the subject. “It may be Christmas to some folks, but it’s just December 25th to me”.

Buddy Christian supports with his banjo, but the real beauty lies in the introduction and background comments from the young Louis Armstrong on cornet, not to speak about his wonderful break in the middle.

It’s recorded in November 1924 and the Clarence Williams Trio consisting of himself, his wife Eva Taylor and Clarence Todd performed on radio, stage and in department and music stores at the time.

The tempo is very slow, so time doesn’t allow for more than the verse and one chorus.

This CD is volume 3 in a French series that made an attempt at presenting the chronological complete Clarence Williams sessions. Unfortunately they gave up after reaching 1926 with the fourth volume.