“Stardust” LP


A bunch of young Swedes defying the trends of the present day: “pop”, “punk”, “crap” or whatever they call it at the moment, enthusiastically sticking to the music they believe in -the Music of Jazz.

IN THIS SET they come on with a program of what should really be termed “Hot Dance Music”, bringing back to us the happy sounds of a bygone era – which, viewed in perspective, seems so much more wonderfully carefree and positive, particularly when we no longer bother to make on issue about whatever unpleasant things that might have been clouding the blue skies of those days of long ago.

stardust_backThe Absalon Boys offer a varied and melodious selection of songs, ranging from outright jazz tunes like Everybody and Marguerite over all time hits like Sonny Boy and onetime novelties like lce to standard ballads like Funny and Stardust. A real curiosity is Vera, inspired by the Paramount Orchestra, a legendary dance band which pioneered jazz in Sweden. Gabriel, a hit tune of the mid Thirties, is another oddity in this special connection – as it is played in a somewhat more “swingy” style. It makes a nice closer of the set and shows also the versatility of The Absalon Orchestra.

Notes by Leif Anderson
Year: 1985 | Title: Stardust | Ref: MAP R8605