From the Studio #9

That’s How I Feel About You

I came to like this tune. There is no well-known recording of it.

Here my new mute came to good use. Last autumn I tried some different ones in a shop in Paris. In the end I bought the one that is still made under the patented name “Harmon”. It was a guy called Paddy Harmon that constructed it in the 1920s, and it had a huge success among trumpet players. I think it was Jack Purvis who was the first to use it with the stem taken out for melody presentation, the way I do it here. Later on, Miles Davis did a lot of solo work with basically this sound using the same method.

Of course, with a bit of a negative attitude you could easily dismiss the lyrics as stupid and impossible to sing, but I think that when it’s a love song anything is allowed, and when you’ve just fallen in love you are stupid. You may even think that you could take down the moon!

If you said “go and get the moon”
I'd go right out and get the moon
That's how I feel about you, sweetheart.
Believe me 

No matter what the task may be
I'll do just what you ask of me
That's how I feel about you, sweetheart.

Is there no way I can prove my great love for you
Just as you say, come what may,
I will see it thru
For you dear

If I can't have you for my own
I'd rather go thru life a-one
That's how I feel about you, sweetheart.