From the Studio #18

Just a Gigolo

The tune is known to the world from Louis Prima’s show version, but since I heard a touching recording by Bing Crosby first, I much prefer that serious attitude.
This very sad song with a bittersweet melody has Austrian origin, and was adapted into English in 1929 by Irving Caesar. There is a historical context while it’s telling the story of a man who fought in the first world war and now has to work as a hired dancer in a Parisian café. I only sang the refrain this time but here you have the whole story in the lyrics:

'Twas in a Paris café that first I found him,
He was a Frenchman, a hero of the war,
But war was over and here's how peace had crowned him,
A few cheap medals to wear, and nothing more.
Now every night in the same café you'll find him
And as he strolls by the ladies hear him say,
"If you admire me, please hire me,
A gigolo who knew a better day"

Just A Gigolo, everywhere I go
People know the part I'm playing,
Paid for every dance, selling each romance,
Every night some heart betraying,
There will come a day, youth will pass away,
Then, what will they say about me,
When the end comes I know they'll say "Just A Gigolo," 
as life goes on without me.