From the Studio #1

Opening the door to other daily activities

As you may have seen here, I’m quite busy listening to and enjoying records. But I am also playing.

There are different sorts of motivations for that. One is that if somebody asks me to come and play, I usually do so when the conditions are reasonable.

Then there is the need to play and the inspiration to do it. When I listen to well-produced pop records or classical music, I’m just enjoying it, but when I listen to jazz, I almost always find ideas about something to add or something to use as a base for creating something new. It speaks to me, and I want to join in the fun!

As I have a room that I like to call my home studio and a lot of good vintage instruments, I will make recordings and let anyone interested have a listen.

I do not want to impress or try to sell myself, but rather want to introduce you to nice tunes and sometimes whole arrangements.

Like in a jam session, there will be ups and downs, and that’s only natural.

The first out is A Porter’s Love Song to a Chamber Maid. The tune is much less complicated than the title, and it’s a good one for a jam session. On classical recordings, there is one by Jimmie Noone and one by the Washboard Rhythm Kings.