From the Record Shelves #183

My Old Kentucky Home

EP Capitol EBF 367

I will not call this recording great, and I don’t think that it was intended to be either. It’s just entertainment for the moment, music to put you in a good mood (and as such it is great!) by some of the guys that played in the most visited venue, a club on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. And the EP record was released at a time when this happy “going on” seemed to last forever.

I wouldn’t mind stepping in there, ordering a drink, and joining in the fun. Now that all this is in the past tense, I have to listen at home and eventually look up who the guys were who made all those sounds beside Starkey Bonano’s fat-toned, fiery trumpet. That information was not given, maybe not considered important at all at the time.

Jack Delaney, trombone; Bujie Centobie, clarinet; Stanley Mendelson, piano; Arthur Pons, guitar; Joe Loyacano, bass; and Monk Hazel, drums. Recorded in New Orleans in 1952.

The well-known tune is always nice to play — and to hear in versions like this.