From the Record Shelves #120

Down Where the Blue Bonnets Grow

The Old Masters mb 130

If you have ever been involved in a situation with a two or one microphone recording you may be aware about the big importance of the room and the distance to the mike. On this recording by Phil Baxter and his Orchestra done in Dallas, Texas in October 1929 you hear much of the room which can be interesting for once.

I like several things here. First of all the trumpet playing from Ray Noone or Al Hann. There is a nice whole tone scale in the bridge that also makes me think of Bix. The accordion played by Davy Crocker is effective behind the trumpet and his rhythm is good in the following solo. The clarinet, played by Ken Naylor, that enters after that has a good jazzy sound. The singer, that is Baxter himself comes at the end, and he is closer to the microphone as is the guitar and tuba.

It’s a god CD production with excellent sound restoration by George Morrow, liner notes by Warren Vaché Sr. and cover by Robert Armstrong.