From the Record Shelves #42

Something About an Old Love

LP Forsgate products SAP 7500

I was happy to find this record recently. It swings and Bunny Berigan’s trumpet playing is always a pleasure to listen to. But there is another special thing about this tune that by the way may not be the best on the record. I used to record a radio program with jazz in my teens and note down the details in a book. But no details were given, and I couldn’t find it in any discography.

When I many years later made a Bunny compilation I put it as the last track because in my mind it sounded as he was giving us his last contemplative effort, and it went well with the title too. An equivalent to Bix’s I’ll Be a Friend with Pleasure.

Now I know that it’s from a live radio transmission most probably from the late 30s. There is no date on the sleeve, and it’s still not in the discographies. (But on the other hand, there you can learn that his last recorded performance was I’m Confessin’ from the same year as he died 1942.) But still Bunny’s simple melody presentation here touches me.