From the Record Shelves #32

The Day You Came Along

LP CBS 66206

During the four-year span of this record Bing Crosby’s pursuit of success led him in the direction of becoming one of the greatest stars of all time. He got his ticket to Hollywood as a member of Paul Whiteman’s Rhythm Boys when they made King of Jazz (1930).

The invention and total acceptance of the talkies was Crosby’s luck, as once he had left Whiteman, he starred in one film after the other.

This double album starts with the trio performances from the Whiteman film mentioned above and then Bing is on his own with the big accompanying orchestras. It’s not from soundtracks, the records were made prior to the production of the films. As you could expect from sound studios in Los Angeles recording is excellent as is the arrangement that even features a spot with the great crooner whistling.

The tune from 1933 by Sam Coslow and Arthur Johnston was translated into French and became a hit with Crosby admirer Jean Sablon.