From the Record Shelves #150

I’ll See You in My Dreams

LP Yazoo 1047

The LP contains mostly early recordings where Cliff is alone with ukulele and a couple of good daring double entendre songs, but I have chosen a hit from 1930.
It reminds me of Christmas. In Sweden, there is a strange tradition to watch a Disney cavalcade that is shown on the national TV channel at three o’clock every year on the 24th of December.

In my family, it means that everyone falls asleep in front of the set and wakes up just in time to hear the last number. And that is When You Wish Upon a Star sung by Jiminy Cricket in the film, but in reality you hear the beautiful voice of Cliff Edwards.

Edwards made his debut in 1923, was named “ukulele” by a waiter who couldn’t remember his name and as “Ukulele Ike” he made more than 125 records until 1933. His successful career also included filming in Hollywood. He made millions but lost it all in tax troubles, gambling losses and alimony settlements.

After his singing performance in Pinocchio as Jiminy Cricket a new interest in his voice resulted and more engagements at the Disney studio followed. But in the end, the booze got him. He missed engagements, disappeared from the music scene, and tragically died alone in 1971.