From the Record Shelves #252


LP RCA Victor LPM-2078

A colorized photo and manipulated sound—I should hate this, but I don’t.

This is an early LP reissue from 1959. I don’t know much about which methods they used to try to enhance the sound quality, but in this case, I think that they managed quite well.

Later, with the CD reissues I came to prefer rather straight transfers from the 78s, often by the reliable John R. T. Davies.

But as long as it’s not an attempt to create artificial stereo I’m quite open to different versions on LP’s, especially if, as here, good origins or masters have been used. It just takes a tune or two to get used to the sound. It’s flashy, the way this big band music was meant to be.

Bunny Berigan’s not-so-successful big band still had his trumpet as the ace, and what I love here in his solo is his respect for the tune while he still takes chances and gives it a nerve.

The attractive tune was made around an even more beautiful poem. At another time, I may play a version with vocals.