review in Jazz Dixie Swing 95Cd “Remembering” review in French jazz journal Jazz Dixie Swing (…) view articleCd “Remembering” review in French jazz journal Jazz Dixie Swing

messinaround_front The name Scaniazz derives from Scania, the province in Sweden where the members of the band live. Malmö is the particular town, located on the East Coast of Sweden, about twenty miles across the straight from (…) continue readingMessin’ Around LP

itsrighthereforyou_frontThe U.S.A. may have originated jazz, but jazz has usually received its most intense appreciation beyond the U.S. borders (…) continue readingIt’s Right Here For You LP

somelikeithot_frontThe band Scaniazz was formed in 1973. Its members come from Malmö, southern Sweden. From the very start our aim has been to create a sound close to classic jazz (…) continue readingSome Like It Hot LP

sunsetcafestomp_frontScaniazz’ first LP on Stomp Off had a skiffleish South Chicago feeling. The band is more relaxed on this session, so the rough skiffleish sound is even hotter (…) continue readingSunset Cafe Stomp LP

remembering_front I’m proud to present a new double-CD in co-operation with jazzarkivet. The production is a retrospective collection of recordings and presents two of my most successful bands, Scaniazz (CD 1) and The Absalon Orchestra (CD 2), covering the period from 1975 until 1988 (…) continue readingRemembering CD

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