”That jazz” is referring to a miracle in music that happened in the beginning of 1900s when people from a big variation of ethnical and cultural background inspired each other to play in a new fashion. Luckily all this coincided with the development of new inventions like the phonograph recordings, photography and film so that it became in part documented and still can be enjoyed today. In my early teens I happened to be exposed to ”that jazz” and it struck a string deep within me that has kept vibrating ever since.

Paul Bocciolone Strandberg

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Paul Bocciolone Strandberg – You’ll Never Know

Paul Bocciolone Strandberg  plays You'll Never KnowPaul Bocciolone Strandberg plays You’ll Never Know. The tune is featured in the motion picture The Shape of Water (…) view live recordingPaul Bocciolone Strandberg plays You’ll Never Know

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“Remembering” CD

remembering_front I’m proud to present a new double-CD in co-operation with jazzarkivet. The production is a retrospective collection of recordings and presents two of my most successful bands, Scaniazz (CD 1) and The Absalon Orchestra (CD 2), covering the period from 1975 until 1988 (…) continue readingRemembering CD

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Mutt Carey nekrolog

Mutt Carey nekrologEn artikel av Olle Helander i Orkester Journalen, oktober 1948. En jazzens trotjänare fick lämna scenen vilket beklagas av Olle Helander som också tycker att erkännandet av de gamla New Orleansmusikerna (…) läs artikelnMutt Carey nekrolog

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