From the Record Shelves #205

What a Wonderful Wedding That Would Be

78 rpm Parlophone R 140

Today I listen to a quite worn out 78 rpm record that comes from the collection of Jean-Christophe Averty (1928–2017) who was a French TV-director and a huge fan of early jazz. I often listened to France Culture on the radio on Sundays, where he had about 20 minutes of time, presenting things like records by Wilbur Sweatman, as “music for the happy few.”

About the record. I can’t say more than it’s a nice tune, and after the vocal I was caught by a familiar sound, the clarinet playing of the great Don Murray. The date of recording is December 22, 1927, and Sam Lanin made an enormous number of records like this, giving jobs to outstanding studio musicians and jazzmen in the 1920s.