From the Record Shelves #142

Beato te


“Beato te” means “lucky you”. And late in the song, it’s comes to “lucky me”. “Primavera” is the Italian word for spring. I thought that I heard my name “Bocciolone” for the first time in a lyric. It means “little bud” (like buds that swell and open in the spring). But it’s more likely that he says “goccioloni” that means little rain drops.

It was an Italian friend that introduced me to the singer Carlo Buti (1902-1963) who came from Florence and was the greatest interpreter of popular songs in his time.

My friend, that had been involved in the project of release, sent me some books and a discography and four CD’s. I instantly became a big fan. This happened many years ago. Later I found out that they had released more records and I tried to get hold of them. Since they were released together with the book by a sort of club that didn’t exist any more they were impossible to find. But one day I found an old discussion about Buti on the net and there was an address to a woman in the US that I contacted.

I could not believe my eyes when one day, four CDs arrived in my mailbox. This extraordinary kind lady in Oregon or Arkansas or somewhere else that I don’t recall had made copies, with scans of the cover and everything, from her collection. What an act of charity! She said that she only was glad to share the joy of listening to the great voice of Carlo Buti!

The song was released on Edison Bell in 1947.