From the Record Shelves #11

Ain’t That Hateful?

LP Fountain FJ 103

Here we have Oliver Naylors Seven Aces recorded by Gennett in New York 1924. When this LP was released in the beginning of the 70s I went with my bike back and forth 20 kilometers to pick it up. Was I happy? Yes, it’s very enjoyable music. Most of the members (white) are bred in New Orleans, and they build their music on a steady four-four rhythm. The banjo of Jules Bauduc (elder brother of Ray) is dominating the rhythm section in the recorded sound. I guess that they use stock arrangements and with their muted brass and two saxophones they remind me of Fletcher Henderson at the same period.

On some tunes they approach New Orleans Rhythm Kings much thanks to the bluesy playing from clarinetist Bill Creger.

A feature that I like very much is their “out choruses” where they reach climax like in the example here.