From the Record Shelves #15

Anything You Want


I guess that somebody in the band said: “Let’s just play a blues in C”. This is not one of the most famous recordings by Jimmie Noone’s Orchestra, but it’s a nice one. The usual front line of alto sax and clarinet is there and the rhythm with tuba banjo, piano and mostly brush work from the drummer is also a trademark of the group that played a long sojourn at Apex Club in Chicago.

Doc Poston plays trumpet-like authoritative lead on alto, multi instrumentalist Junie Cobb does a nice banjo solo with tremolo and single string and Zinky Cohn plays a typical Earl Hines inspired piano solo. Then the reed players take the solo space, one bluesy chorus by Poston is followed by Noone with some clarinet patterns and fast runs before the final ensemble in which the banjo takes part playing the “trombon” role.