From the Record Shelves #112

My Baby Came Home

LP Parlophone PMC 7006

It’s not a generally agreed upon judgement, but to my ears and taste Red McKenzie had a wonderful voice and his expression of sentiments is fine with me.

On this compilation of singers from the jazz age it is hard to make a choice but since this is a seldom heard recording and since McKenzie is backed by the always welcome string couple Joe Venuti on violin and Eddie Lang on guitar it early on became a favorite.

The tune is good, and I do not know any other recording of it. Red’s use of the comb and tissue paper is good since he knows what he’s doing and thus plays a firm lead like a trumpet. Eddie Condon with his banjo makes a contribution to the easy swing of the group and the session was made in New York on May 28, in the great jazz record year 1928.

I used to hurry home from school even in the intermissions just to listen to this record.