From the Record Shelves #96

Here Comes the Showboat


I remember the time when we used answering machines. I tried to be creative and combine the message with music and I used a piece from this recording. It said “Please leave a message after the signal”, and then came the passage with two Bix inspired cornet players.

The tune is played by the Jean Goldkette Orchestra, but not the famous one. In 1927 Goldkette lost reputedly a thousand dollars a week due to a too heavy payroll and the “first” orchestra had to be dissolved. However, other quality units under his management continued to play and in Indiana we find The Royal Peacocks that recorded for Victor in December 1927.

Even with a different personnel we recognize the qualities of the brass section and the banjo playing and the unknown lead alto sax player is also very good.

The trombone solo after the vocal is probably played by one Lorin Schulz that was a friend from Indiana University of Hoagy Carmichael’s, who was also present at the date as second pianist and vocalist.

After a few bars of accordion comes the highlight for me, a short cornet chase between Andy Secrest and Sterling Bose. I wish that they had been able to keep on longer.