From the Record Shelves #235

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CD Universal 060252745-18-8

Spinning today is a record with the Swedish icon Lars Gullin (1928–1976) that we are mighty proud of here in Sweden. His name is often mentioned when it comes to singling out non-American important jazz musicians.

Apart from being good music in itself, it also creates an atmosphere in the room that brings me back to the 1960s when you could hear more music like this just by turning on the radio.

In the 1980s, I became acquainted with Peter Gullin, a sympathetic sax player who, unfortunately like his father, died much too early.

On the double CD Lars Gullin plays many classic tunes, but since he was a great composer it also features several of his own songs. 

On this one (by Haggart – Burk), Rune Gustafsson plays guitar and Claes Lindroth bass, and it was recorded in Stockholm in 1958.