From the Record Shelves #29

Someday Sweetheart

LP Philips PHS 600-004

I found this record not so long ago. Since I collect records with clarinet plus rhythm section, to listen, enjoy and eventually learn something, I was glad to find this one by a man mostly known for his big band work. The quartet creates a peaceful relaxed mood and plays a nice repertoire from different sources. The record was made in 1962 when for Woody Herman it was in his own words “the first time I’ve played clarinet for more than eight bars in years”.

Woody came out of the Isham Jones Orchestra in the beginning of the thirties and took over some of it when he made a big band that labelled itself “the band that plays the blues”. Over the years he showed his strength as an organizer and band leader with many great talents passing through his different “herds”. In this format he is concentrating on the clarinet sound which is well captured by the stereo recording. Nat Pierce who among other things often worked as a stand in for Count Basie is at the piano.