From the Record Shelves #67

Too Bad

LP Grannyphone 03310

Here we have 18 numbers with George Olsen and his Music from the period of transition from acoustic to electrical recordings. Most of them are made prior to the orchestras big commercial hit Who (with Sunny on the reverse side) recorded for Victor in 1925.

We can enjoy a rather jazz-oriented band on this well produced LP and when I first heard this title from February I926, I was surprised over how close they sounded to King Oliver’s version of the same Elmer Schoebel tune. At the time I did not know about stock arrangements and their importance. By listening and comparing again I became aware of the big differences of course, mostly regarding the intensity, and Joe Oliver was named “King” for a reason.

George Olsen, born in the 1890s, who became one of the most important leaders in the development of the American dance music was originally a successful drummer.