Radio Swingtime 40 – 19 januari 2001

Här ges prov på den tidiga jazzens variation: Duospel med Louis Armstrong, tidig New York swing med Red Allen, New Orleansjazz med Sharkey Bonano m.fl., revival med Wooden Joe Nicholas, song features med Jack Teagarden och Mildred Bailey, hokum med Papa Charlie Jackson, territory jazz, novelty jazz och college jazz. Allt detta och mer därtlill i dagens program!

40. SWINGIN’ THEM CATS – del 1 (1:02:32)

  1. Swingin’ Them Cats (The Missourians)
  2. Weather Bird (Louis Armstrong)
  3. Muggles (Louis Armstrong)
  4. It’s the Girl (Boswell Sisters)
  5. Endurance Stomp (Junie Cobb)
  6. Yearning and Blue (Junie Cobb)
  7. Rambling Blues (Ida Cox)
  8. Panama (Sharkey Bonano)
  9. Dippermouth Blues (Sharkey Bonano)
  10. High Society (Sharkey Bonano)
  11. Okey Doke (Noble Sissle’s Swingsters)
  12. Characteristic Blues (Noble Sissle’s Swingsters)
  13. Melody Man’s Dream (Eddie Lang)
  14. You Made Me What I Am (Big Eye Louis Nelson)
  15. Scratch (Blue Ribbon Syncopaters)
  16. Whale Dip (Blue Ribbon Syncopaters)

40. SWINGIN’ THEM CATS – del 2 (55:23)

  1. Mean Blues (The Varsity Eight)
  2. Hula Lou (The Varsity Eight)
  3. Doodle Doo Doo (The Varsity Eight)
  4. I Ain’t Lazy , I’m Just Dreamin’ (Jack T eagarden)
  5. Thanks for the Memory (Mildred Bailey)
  6. Lover Come Back to Me (Mildred Bailey)
  7. Bow to Your Papa (Jimmy Blythe)
  8. Sugar Hill Function (Henry “Red” Allen)
  9. You Might Get Better (Henry “Red” Allen)
  10. Everybody Shout (Henry “Red” Allen)
  11. You Put It In, I’ll Take It Out (Papa Charlie Jackson)
  12. Evening in Paris (Art Farmer)
  13. If You Can’t Land ‘er (Harry Reser)
  14. Where Do You Work-a John? (Harry Reser)
  15. Lo-Do-De-O (Harry Reser)