From the Record Shelves #253

Get Your Man

LP Jazz Museum MCA Coral 0052.056

The compilation consists of peppy melodious music played by some of the best and most interesting hot dance orchestras that the era produced. Listening through to choose one, I hoped that some tracks would stand out, but they all do; they’re all candidates for “record of the day.”

But maybe this one by Arnold Johnson and his Orchestra is different still because of the hot, advanced arrangement. It has even been suggested that this could be a chart from the pen of Don Redman or Bill Challis.

The personnel given on the LP seem to be quite wrong. A later source has Jack Purvis and Mickey Bloom on trumpets, Paul Van Loan on trombone, and also says that Pete Pumiglio is the clarinet player taking some notable breaks. But both sources agree that the composer Harold Arlen is at the piano.