From the Record Shelves #127

So Tired

78rpm Decca W.73078

I have an inevitable association with this record. In the beginning of the 1980s the English very elegant and polished Pasadena Roof Orchestra came to Malmö to play an engagement during couple of weeks. I went to listen, talked to them and was asked to come back a few days later and bring my horn to sit in with them. Some of their members also came to listen to my band.

So I heard and enjoyed them a couple of times and one of their best numbers was a transcription from this record by Russ Morgan.

Morgan, a trombonist, is mostly known as a leader of a commercial orchestra for many years, but he has a great reputation as an arranger and this recording is a good example with a very well-balanced performance. Muted trumpet, good vocal by Morgan himself and a dynamic use of the big orchestra gives a very good illustration of the title. There are several songs with the same name, but this one is a composition of Morgan — Stuart. The record was made in 1949.

Back in time Russ sold arrangements already in his teens and was also the musical director in the Jean Goldkette organization for a period. Among other orchestra leaders that employed him in the arranger role we find Vincent Lopez, Fletcher Henderson and Louis Armstrong.