From the Record Shelves #121

Toronto Dig

78 rpm Applaudando Record No. 1332s

I don’t remember where I got hold of this record, but it’s with James Sharpe (1877–1943) who used the artist name Olly Oakley. He’s British and one of their most recorded banjo players ever. He played a zither banjo.

I’m not going to show off any expertise on this instrument here, I just say that it’s a six-string banjo tuned more or less like an American five-string banjo played picking style, in this case with the fingernails. And it’s pleasant to listen to. The genre could be called Ragtime Banjo or Novelty Banjo.

As you see on the label the tune is called Toronto Dig which I suppose is a misspelling of “jig”. There are some other Oakley versions of the tune under the correct name on YouTube but none as clear as this one.