From the Record Shelves #254

Under a Blanket of Blue

CD Art Deco Columbia C2K 52943

I recently found an LP with Connie Boswell (1907–1976) and the so-called “Original Memphis Five” with Billy Butterfield in place of Phil Napoleon. Connie was still good in the 1950s, but the music didn’t turn me on, so I went back in time and listened to this solo recording of hers from 1933.

She was born in Kansas City but was brought up in New Orleans, where she took impressions of black music and formed a trio with her sisters.

On this tune, which was also recorded by Ella Fitzgerald in duet with Louis Armstrong in 1956, she is accompanied by a studio group, including Jimmy Dorsey on clarinet.

It’s interesting that Ella named Connie as her main inspiration.