Radio Swingtime 7 – 21 april 2000

I det nya programmet som spelades in på en långfredag får vi höra hymner med Sam Morgan, en “spiritual” med Big Bill Broonzy, “mood pieces” med Ellington och mycket annat. Enjoy!

7. EASTER PARADE – del 1 (1:00:47)

  1. Easter Parade (Red Nichols)
  2. Court House Blues (Clara Smith)
  3. He Brought Joy to My Soul (Ethel Waters)
  4. Down by the Riverside (Sam Morgan)
  5. Over in the Gloryland (Sam Morgan)
  6. Georgia (Red Mc Kenzie)
  7. I Can’t Believe That You’re in Love with Me (Red Mc Kenzie)
  8. Body and Soul (Coleman Hawkins)
  9. D Natural Blues (Fletcher Henderson)
  10. Steal Away/Nearer my God to Thee/Flee as a bird/Oh, Didn’t He Ramble (Jelly Roll Morton)
  11. Wild Cat Blues (Clarence Williams)
  12. Old Fashioned Love (Clarence Williams)
  13. Kansas City Man Blues (Mamie Smith)
  14. Kansas City Man Blues (Clarence Williams)

7. EASTER PARADE – del 2 (1:01:11)

  1. Memories of You (Eroll Garner)
  2. What Ya Want Me to Do (King Oliver)
  3. If I Could Be with You (Mc Kinney’s Cotton Pickers)
  4. Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (Mc Kinney’s Cotton Pickers)
  5. I’ll Be a Friend with Pleasure (Bix Beiderbecke)
  6. Trees (Bunny Berigan)
  7. On Revival Day (Bessie Smith)
  8. Mother’s Children Have a Hard Time (Blind Willie Johnson)
  9. Sweet Dreams of Love (Duke Ellington)
  10. Sweet Jazz O’ Mine (Duke Ellington)
  11. Swing Low (Big Bill Broonzy)
  12. Here Comes My Ball and Chain (Coon Sanders)
  13. Tennesse Lazy (Coon Sanders)
  14. Louder and Funnier (Coon Sanders)
  15. Barnacle Bill the Sailor (Hoagy Carmichael)