From the Record Shelves #119

Ostrich Walk

78 rpm Parlophone R 2492

Bix Beiderbecke never forgot the tunes that turned him on to jazz. It was after World War I that his brother returned with some records, among them the newly released ones by Original Dixieland Jazz Band. When he got a contract to make records with his “Gang” for Okeh in 1927, his choice fell on some of the ODJB tunes that I suppose he had played at many a gig and at many jam sessions.

On this session one by formal leadership of Frankie Trumbauer there is also the signum of arranger Bill Challis with a saxophone chorus among other things. Probably the chart was used with the Jean Goldkette Orchestra as well.
Strangely and unfortunately, they did not have a bass on this session. Adrian Rollini was not around maybe, and eventually it was difficult to record a bass violin in the studio at the time. Otherwise, one wishes that they had used Steve Brown who was with them in the Goldkette band on the bass.

Bix has a marvelous attack and control and his beautiful sound is well captured. Trombone player Bill Rank is also remarkable in his solo and in some breaks as well as in the ensemble. Don Murray does the clarinet work and Frank Trumbauer the saxophone breaks.