From the Record Shelves #122

Auld Lang Syne

CD Narcisse Records NR01

Today I listen to myself. A couple of years ago I made a record that to my surprise and great pleasure had very good reviews in the jazz press. It contains mostly forgotten songs played in some different early jazz styles, but to finish I chose an eternal tune that often is sung on this special night.

There was a legendary danish band called Ib K. Olsen’s Jazz Band, they always finished the evening with Auld Lang Syne, and I play it the way I remember it.

Here like in many places in the world the start of the new year is celebrated with fireworks. I used to go out and look since I live right in the center of the events but in later years it has become too wild and uncontrolled for my taste. Instead, it happens that we, after opening the champagne and kissing open the window on our top floor and belt out the tune about old acquaintance on two cornets to a much surprised audience below.