Scaniazz in Holland 1982Scaniazz in Holland 1982. Left to Right: Arne Hojberg, Paul Bocciolone Strandberg, Ulf Björkbom and Jan Nilsson (…) view pictureScaniazz in Holland 1982

Scaniazz in Gothenburg - You Don't Mean Me No GoodScaniazz plays Leroy Carr’s You Don’t Mean Me No Good at Jazzhuset, Gothenburg (…) view live recordingScaniazz in Gothenburg – You Don’t Mean Me No Good

Scaniazz - That Da Da StrainScaniazz – That Da Da Strain (…) view live recordingScaniazz – That Da Da Strain

Hornet”Hornet” an unforgettable place! Here we used to go in the 70s after our rehearsals with Scaniazz to drink and make a jam session with electric organ and bagpipe among the instruments (…) view pictureHornet

Scaniazz 1974-2Scaniazz 1974. Ulf Björkbom, Göran Holmberg and Paul Bocciolone Strandberg (…) view pictureScaniazz 1974-2

Scaniazz in Holland 1983Scaniazz in Holland, september / october 1983. Hans Bendroth, Paul Bocciolone Strandberg and John Ness (…) view pictureScaniazz in Holland 1983

Scaniazz 1974. The rhythm sectionScaniazz 1974. The rhythm section: Hans Bendroth, Stefan Kärfve and Göran Holmberg (…) view pictureScaniazz 1974. The rhythm section

Scaniazz 1984Scaniazz 1984. Left to Right: Jan Nilsson, Bjarne Löwdin, Arne Hojberg, Björn Ekman, Paul Bocciolone Strandberg and Stefan Kärfve (…) view pictureScaniazz 1984

Folkfesten 1973Folkfesten at Slottsparken, Malmö 1973.
Scaniazz with Povel Sörbris and Stefan Kärfve (…) view pictureFolkfesten 1973

Hans Bendroth's 30th birthdayOctober 18, 1981. Scaniazz on tour in Poland celebrates early Hans Bendroth’s 30th birthday and gives him a new washboard. To the left Stefan Kärfve (…) view pictureHans Bendroth’s 30th birthday

Scaniazz in Holland 1977On tour in Holland in 1977 we took this photo (even if we did not go by train at the time). Stefan Kärfve, Tomas Örnberg, Björn Ekman, Agneta Engström, Hans Bendroth and Paul Bocciolone Strandberg (…) view pictureScaniazz in Holland 1977

with Louis Metcalf 1976In 1976 we had the great chance to welcome jazz pioneer Louis Metcalf as our guest in a couple of concerts. Mr. Metcalf had a long jazz career as trumpet player and played among others with King Oliver (…) view picturewith Louis Metcalf 1976