Radio Swingtime 71 – 5 oktober 2001

Franske trumpetaren Irakli hyllar sin idol Louis Armstrong i What Good Am I Without You, och vad vore livet utan Armstrong, Johnny Dodds, Bix Beiderbecke, Frankie Trumbauer, Duke Ellington, Papa Charlie Jackson, Sidney Bechet och Adrian Rollini? Alla medverkar och har viktiga roller i dagens program, vilket gör att det är en fröjd att lyssna till!

71. ONCE OR TWICE – del 1 (1:02:26)

  1. Once or Twice (Andy Kirk)
  2. The Sheik of Araby (Sidney Bechet)
  3. Blues of Bechet (Sidney Bechet)
  4. Davenport Blues (Adrian Rollini)
  5. Riverboat Shuffle (Adrian Rollini)
  6. Papa’s Lawdy Lawdy Blues (Papa Charlie Jackson)
  7. When Jenny Does Her Low down Dance (Elgar’s Creole Orchestra)
  8. Cafe Capers (Elgar’s Creole Orchestra)
  9. Button up Your Overcoat (Ruth Etting)
  10. In a Persian Market (Wilbur de Paris)
  11. Heebie Jeebies (Lovie Austin)
  12. Peepin’ Blues (Lovie Austin)
  13. Mojo Blues (Lovie Austin)
  14. Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet (Mills Brothers)
  15. What a Night (Irving Mills)
  16. St. Louis Blues (Irving Mills)

71. ONCE OR TWICE – del 2 (55:41)

  1. Weary Blues (Louis Armstrong)
  2. What Good Am I Without You (Irakli)
  3. Flaming Youth (Duke Ellington)
  4. Saturday Night Function (Duke Ellington)
  5. High Life (Duke Ellington)
  6. Take Your Tomorrow (Frankie Trumbauer)
  7. It Won’t Act Right (Memphis Jug band)
  8. Baby (New Orleans Rhythm Kings)
  9. I Never Knew What a Gal Could Do (New Orleans Rhythm Kings)
  10. Lovely to Look At (Fred Astaire)
  11. Wimmin, A ah! (The Six Jumping Jacks)
  12. Charleston Ball (The Six Jumping Jacks)
  13. The Village Blacksmith Ownes the Willage Now (The Six Jumping Jacks)
  14. Thanks for the Buggy Ride (The Six Jumping Jacks)