Scaniazz in Dresden

This is a non-edited live recording from “Die Tonne” in Dresden where Scaniazz played on May 17, 1985. Dresden belonged to East Germany. The sound engineer secretly recorded the performance and a cassette copy was smuggled through the “iron curtain” the following year. Under those circumstances some flaws in the sound are easily forgiven. The band was in an exceptionally spirited mood and the audience ecstatic.

Paul Bocciolone Strandberg, cornet and vocal; Arne Højberg, trombone; Jan Nilsson, clarinet and alto sax; Bjarne Lövdin, piano; Björn Ekman, banjo and Karl Kronquist, bass.

Length: 46:21. The tunes are:

  1. Come on Coot and Do That Thing
  2. Mandy Make Up Your Mind
  3. Perdido Street Blues
  4. Big Fat Ma and Skinny Pa
  5. Jazzin’ Babies Blues
  6. Anytime
  7. I Got the Stinger
  8. Crazy Quilt
  9. Buffalo Blues
  10. Buddy’s Habit