From the Record Shelves #43

South African Blues

LP Herwin 105

Personality is the keyword of the record. Roy Palmer sounds like nobody else on his trombone, yet the effective New Orleans style of playing is evident.

To have a kazoo as a lead instrument in the ensemble could be a bad idea but not here where “Bats” Robinson use it to make good phrasing like he really was playing a cornet. Darnell Howard who is the saxophone player changes to clarinet at the right moment before the last ensemble.

“Primitive” and “simple” are epithets that becomes something to admire in the hands of these men, most of all because they got rhythm and are supported by a good steady rhythm section consisting of Jimmy Blythe – piano, “Fats” Hudson – banjo and “Buddy” Burton on washboard.

The tune has elements from both See See Rider and I Wonder Where My Easy Rider’s Gone.