From the Record Shelves #195

Honey That Reminds Me

LP Collector’s Classic CC 34

There is a lot of hot swinging stuff on this LP, most of it rather well known, but today this medium recording caught my attention. There is no composer listed on the LP, but I’ve learned from another source that it’s a composition by trumpet player John Nesbit. It’s a good tune.

The jazz content is a fine trombone solo by J.C. Higginbotham. I could not recognize the singer, but it sounds like a musician in the band is singing. I like that as an alternative to a professional singer, even if it’s not perfect. Furthermore, I learned, again from another source, that the singer is trombone player Vic Dickenson, who was not actually playing in the band. It was his first recording.

The saxophonist that exposes the theme is Charlie Holmes, and this Luis Russell session took place on October 24, 1930.