From the Record Shelves #10

You Took Advantage of Me

EP Swaggie JCS-33715

This happens to be the first record that I ever played. I was in my teens and I had already heard a lot of 1920s jazz on reel to reel tapes and also over and over the few records in the style that they had at the library near my school.

But now I had worked in the fields all summer, given about half of the income to my mother and saved the rest to be able to buy a record player. So, I went in town, bought a good HMV record player, managed to connect it to an old radio at home and out came Bix with the Paul Whiteman Orchestra. The Swaggie records from Australia, small LPs the size of an EP reached us here in Malmö, Sweden in those days, and it was a copy that I had borrowed from and older friend with a collection. I soon started to build mine. This actual copy I found quite recently in a second hand store.

My Pretty Girl with the Goldkette Orchestra is the highlight jazz wise, but I have chosen between two Whiteman numbers that have from my point of view perfect arrangements.

Here is You Took Advantage of Me (The competitor is Mary). We get a vamp intro, a well played melody presentation by the saxes, the verse and then a chase chorus by Bix and Tram (muted cornet and saxophone) followed by Bing Crosby’s attractive vocal and to finish half chorus in a new key (a fifth higher). Everything balanced in performance and recording.