From the Record Shelves #238

Sing On

LP Atlantic Jazz 78 17001

Today I will not say much myself; instead I give the word to Richard Hadlock, who wrote the liner notes in 1986:

“New Orleans jazz, music which strikes many listeners as ingenuously blithe and sportive, is, for its players, a life and death matter. Behind the jaunty optimism one discovers lifelong devotion to musical principle, loyalty to complex family, social and bandsmanship codes, pride hammered from hard times and intolerance, stubborn will to survive, and near-religious belief in New Orleans music as the Right Way.”

Atlantic made a series of compilations from different types of jazz, and this one is dedicated to New Orleans (revival) jazz. Here, the original hymn is treated like any tune to get loose and swing on. I especially enjoy their dynamics and the steady time keeping with the band leader and drummer Paul Barbarin in an important role. John Brunious is on trumpet, Bob Thomas on trombone, and Willie Humphrey is their clarinetist. Further in the lineup are Danny Barker, banjo, Lester Santiago on piano and Milt Hinton on bass. It’s from 1955.