“Some Like It Hot” LP

somelikeithot_frontThe band Scaniazz was formed in 1973. Its members come from Malmö, southern Sweden.

From the very start our aim has been to create a sound close to classic jazz. In our playing we wanted to let through the inspiration experienced by listening to early hot jazz records. We didn’t want to copy anything except when an arrangement, a solo or a break was considered definite.

somelikeithot_backToday we use our own arrangements with plenty of space for individuality to come through. We believe that jazz at its very best is sincere and with lots of nerve and warmth. Making this record is an attempt to achieve the true honest sound of Scaniazz on stage. Thus, these tunes have been chosen out of a three hours’ session in studio.

NOTES by Paul Strandberg
Year: 1977 | Title: Some Like It Hot | Ref: Growl 1