From the Record Shelves #101

Say ’Yes’ Today

LP ALPHA Records 03302

Roger Wolfe loved music and played several instruments, and he was also the son of millionaire Otto Kahn, so with the aid of his father he could put together a dance band that was sometimes dubbed The Million Dollar Band. (Later he became active within aviation.)

Including the best men available the Roger Wolfe Kahn & his Orchestra could achieve all things that you would expect from an American dance band. And they did it on a high level playing advanced specially written scores with perfect execution.

Such a band also needed improvising soloists to flavor their performances and an ace up their sleeve was the team of Joe Venuti and Eddie Lang who could replace the whole orchestra for a chorus. In the brass section the two trumpet players Leo Mc Conville and Mannie Klein could both combine flawless reading with an ability to play hot if needed. The third man playing his trombone was nobody less than Miff Mole who plays a short characteristic solo.

They also provide another feature of such a band, the clarinet trio and the father of the tune was Walter Donaldson, top composer with many hits.