From the Record Shelves #50

Cette chanson est pour vous

LP Pathé pm 231

I like Jean Sablon. There is intimacy in his voice. He had been in New York and Hollywood and had heard Bing Crosby who influenced him deeply, and he has a similar quality as Bing that he gets close to you. This was something new and a possibility given through the new technique of amplifying the voice with electrical microphones. Whispering Jack Smith was another influence.

Besides five Sablon offerings we also hear other vocalists more in the cabaret style and some big bands. The glimpses of guitar from Django Reinhardt, the master of melodic improvisation, on every track are the reason for this LP release.

Even if he is in a secondary role he comes through in the chosen Sablon number, sounding as good as ever. The violin player is of course Stephane Grapelly and a closer look at the personnel reveals that it is very close to the one of the famous French Hot Club Quintette. The year of recording is 1935 and this take was never issued at the time.