Let the Good Times Roll #115

A Good Man Is Hard to Find


Marie sjunger och presenterar (samt kommenterar till glädje för Sven och mig!) A Good Man Is Hard to Find. Allt detta skedde i augusti 1993.

A good man is hard to find, we always get another kind
And when you think that he’s your pal,
You look and find him fooling ’round some old gal
Then you rave, child you crave, you wanna see him down in his grave
So if your man is nice take my advice
Hug him in the morning kiss him at night
Give him plenty lovin’ treat your good man right
’Cause a good man nowadays is hard to find.”

Moonshine spelar A Good Man Is Hard to Find 1993.

  • Marie Valentin – sång
  • Paul Bocciolone Strandberg – kornett
  • Sven Bjerstedt – piano