review in Jazz Dixie Swing 95Cd “Remembering” review in French jazz journal Jazz Dixie Swing (…) view articleCd “Remembering” review in French jazz journal Jazz Dixie Swing

stardust_frontAN AMAZING THING – THIS ABSALON ORCHESTRA! A bunch of young Swedes defying the trends of the present day: “pop”, “punk’, “crap” or whatever they call it at the moment, enthusiastically sticking to the music they believe in (…) continue reading “Stardust” LP”

The Absalon Orchestra MCOm man frågar Paul Strandberg som är The Absalon Orchestra’s kapellmästare (eller vi kanske istället borde säga bandleader) om en kort redogörelse för orkesterns policy, så svarar han med ett elegant fempunkts-program (…) continue readingThe Absalon Orchestra MC

remembering_front I’m proud to present a new double-CD in co-operation with jazzarkivet. The production is a retrospective collection of recordings and presents two of my most successful bands, Scaniazz (CD 1) and The Absalon Orchestra (CD 2), covering the period from 1975 until 1988 (…) continue readingRemembering CD