Scaniazz in Gothenburg 5

This is a (non edited) live recording of a full set of Scaniazz in Gothenburg in the early 80’s.

The tunes performed are: Crazy Quilt, Mr. Jelly Lord, Travelling Blues, Sugar Babe, Gatemouth, Jazzin’ Babies Blues, Mandy Make Up Your Mind, and Cushion Foot Stomp.

Paul Bocciolone Strandberg, cornet and vocals; Arne Højberg, trombone; Jan Nilsson, clarinet and altosax; Ulf Björkbom, sopranosax and clarinet; Björn Ekman, banjo; Stefan Kärfve, tuba and Hans Bendroth, washboard.

Recorded and lovingly preserved by our friend Stellan Öbert.
Length: 42:25.