From the Record Shelves #12

I’m Watching the Clock

Classic Jazz Masters CJM 21

Oops, this record bear my ex-wife’s signature on the back of the sleeve. But I suppose that she has some of mine as well, and anyway it should be prescribed since it’s more than 40 years ago.

It is volume three in a series and contain recordings that King Oliver’s orchestra did in New York. On the first side they are from 1928, then there is a gap until 1931 and by that time the band had lost their New Orleans connotations.

The track chosen is from 1928 and has a nice title a melody that resembles one of Armstrongs hits from the year before and is well arranged, probably by the banjo player Leroy Harris.

It has a good cornet solo from Ed Anderson that always has reminded me of a local musician here in Malmö, very light sound and good downward arpeggios.