From the Record Shelves #23


LP Harlequin HQ 2036

Instrumental virtuosity and inventive arrangements are two things to enjoy when you listen to University Six. The seven piece group comes from California Ramblers, the most successful white dance orchestra of its time and place; New York in the twenties. They had their own venue “The Ramblers Inn” where they played nightly and had a chance to experiment with the stock arrangements resulting in personal versions of the hit songs of the day. And with plenty of recording contracts at hand their manager Ed Kirkeby made up pseudonyms when recording with smaller versions of the band such as this.

Here we hear them in a pure jazz number. Their hero, the main force is Adrian Rollini on bass sax very active both in the rhythm section and as a soloist with a constant flow of new ideas. Chelsea Quealey plays trumpet and the two other soloists are Bobby Davies on alto and Tommy Dorsey on trombone.