Radio Swingtime 6 – 14 april 2000

Dags för mer jazzskrönor, kalla fakta och fenomenal musik från guldåldern!
Fess Williams, Armstrong, Ottilie Patterson och Memphis Jug Band är några av de som dyker upp i det nya programmet!

6. DOG BOTTOM – del 1 (1:09:02)

  1. Dog Bottom (The Jungle Band)
  2. Dinah (Louis Prima)
  3. There’ll Be a Great Day in the Morning (Jack Purvis)
  4. Lights Out (Frankie Newton)
  5. Dinner for One Please James (Putney Dandridge)
  6. Chasing a Buck (Dick McDonough)
  7. A Few Riffs (Fess Williams)
  8. Friction (Fess Williams)
  9. If I Had a Million Dollars (Boswell Sisters)
  10. Rose of Washington Square (Red Nichols)
  11. Arkansas Blues (Five Birmingham Babies)
  12. Hard Hearted Hannah (Five Birmingham Babies)
  13. Tessie! Stop Teasing Me (Five Birmingham Babies)
  14. Looking for Another Sweetie (Fats Waller And His Buddies)
  15. On a Cocoanut Island (Louis Armstrong)
  16. Hawaian Hospitality (Louis Armstrong)

6. DOG BOTTOM – del 2 (53:20)

  1. Swanee Shuffle (The Midnight Airdales)
  2. Poor Man’s Blues (Ottilie Patterson)
  3. Lord, Lord, Lord (Henrik Johansen)
  4. Sweet Papa (Jimmie Blythe)
  5. Isabella (Jimmy Bertrand’s Washboard Wizards)
  6. Anything (Phil Napoleon)
  7. I’ll See You in the Spring (Memphis Jug Band)
  8. Madame Dynamite (Eddie Condon and his Orchestra)
  9. Home Cooking (Eddie Condon and his Orchestra)
  10. A Ghost of a Chance (Lee Wiley)
  11. Slow River (Jean Goldkette)
  12. My Pretty Girl (Jean Goldkette)
  13. Clementine (Jean Goldkette)
  14. I’m Gonna Meet My Sweetie Now (Jean Goldkette)