From the Record Shelves #208 - Here Comes the Hot Tamale ManFrom the Record Shelves #208 – Here Comes the Hot Tamale Man – I have a memory about one of the tunes on this LP. In the beginning of the record company Stomp Off, we did a couple of LP albums for them with my band Scaniazz. Now when it was time for (…) read more and listenread more and listen

From the Record Shelves #61 - Stomp Off, Let's GoFrom the Record Shelves #61 – Stomp Off, Let’s Go. When we started a new band playing jazz and hot dance music in the beginning of the 1980s I wanted to keep it small in order to get reasonably paid gigs. And the first recordings of The New Orleans Owls are a good model of what you can achieve with (…) read more and listenread more and listen

Scaniazz Story #54Scaniazz Story #54 – Jul och nyår 1981-82 blev inte som vanligt. Möjligen liknade de motsvarande helger två år tidigare som också de omgavs av skivinspelningar för amerikanska Stomp Off. Man var med i det som hände under familjehögtiderna, jag hade dessutom blivit pappa (…) läs merScaniazz Story #54- Följ med på en odyssé!

messinaround_front The name Scaniazz derives from Scania, the province in Sweden where the members of the band live. Malmö is the particular town, located on the East Coast of Sweden, about twenty miles across the straight from (…) continue readingMessin’ Around LP

itsrighthereforyou_frontThe U.S.A. may have originated jazz, but jazz has usually received its most intense appreciation beyond the U.S. borders (…) continue readingIt’s Right Here For You LP

sunsetcafestomp_frontScaniazz’ first LP on Stomp Off had a skiffleish South Chicago feeling. The band is more relaxed on this session, so the rough skiffleish sound is even hotter (…) continue readingSunset Cafe Stomp LP