Scaniazz 1975, Ole HøstScaniazz 1975, Ole Høst (we called him Søren Spætte) (…) view pictureScaniazz 1975, Ole Høst

Scaniazz Caterpillar campaign 1975Scaniazz at the beginning of the great Caterpillar campaign in Sweden 1975. This was an unforgettable tour. We visited 23 swedish towns during a couple of months in the spring (…) view pictureScaniazz Caterpillar campaign 1975

Scaniazz 1975Scaniazz 1975. We did many visits to Gothenburg and regularly played at Volrat Tham and Jazzhuset, but this time I think we played at Chalmers (…) view pictureScaniazz 1975