From the Record Shelves #157 - SugarFrom the Record Shelves #157 – Sugar – In Eddie Condon’s book We Called It music (1947) it’s said, not by him but by his co-author Thomas Sugrue: “the white musicians that went to the Lincoln Gardens, the Sunset Café or the Nest knew that however (…) read more and listenread more and listen

Scaniazz c:a 1975. Agneta EngströmScaniazz c:a 1975. Agneta Engström (…) view pictureScaniazz c:a 1975. Agneta Engström

Scaniazz in San Sebastian 1975 Björn EkmanScaniazz in San Sebastian, Spain 1975, Björn Ekman (…) view pictureScaniazz in San Sebastian 1975 Björn Ekman

Scaniazz 1975. Björn EkmanScaniazz 1975. Björn Ekman (…) view pictureScaniazz 1975. Björn Ekman

Scaniazz 1973. Povel SörbrisScaniazz 1973. Povel Sörbris (…) view pictureScaniazz 1973. Povel Sörbris

Scaniazz 1974. Göran HolmbergScaniazz 1974. Göran Holmberg (…) view pictureScaniazz 1974. Göran Holmberg