Some important events in the bands history:

Appearance at Jazz Festival in Jena (Germany)

Festival ”Jazz In Marciac” (France), Iawa (Poland)

Make new recording sessions in April. Release of “Modernistic Jazz of the Twenties” on September 29.

Headline Tribute to Bix at Kenosha near Chicago in March. Also performs in Davenport and in Toronto, Canada.
Makes spectacular concert mixing old and modern styles together with Fredrik Carlqvist’s Quintet at the Town Festival of Malmoe in August.

Performance at a celebration of “The Jazz 100 Years” in Växjö, Sweden.

Appearance at Jazz Band Ball in Paris and at Le Petit Journal in the same city in March.
Tour of northern Italy in July. Concert in prestigious Stockholm Concert house on September 23, with a full house.

Release of “Take Your Tomorrow” Stomp Off CD 1329 .Participation in Dresden Dixieland Festival (Germany) in May and in the festival in Duketown, Holland.

Recordings for Stomp Off Records (USA).

Again participation in the Askersund festival.

Radio recording in RoskiIde, Denmark. New repertoire in the direction of early Bix and more intricate arrangements. Further gigs in Sweden and Denmark. .The CD “Futuristic Rhythm” is released and is praised by the critics in Sweden, France and USA. Participation in the most Important jazz festivals in Sweden; Askersund and Kungshamn/Smogen.

Participation in the “Winterswing festival” in Uppsala. Kiki Desplat joins the band as cornetist and sometimes pianist. Again appearance at the Breda Jazz Festival. Recordings for the Swedish company SITTEL in a suburb to Stockholm during two days. Gigs in the southern parts of Sweden. Frans Sjöström quits the band and is replaced by Jonas Eilert, sousaphone.

Tour of Hungary with five pieces. The band participates in Europe’s most prestigious competition for traditional jazz orchestras in Breda, Holland and becomes the first Scandinavian band to win. Bass saxophonist Frans Sjöström get the prize as best instrumentalist. Tour in Czechoslovakia with French cornet player Kiki Desplat as guest soloist. Appearance at jazz festival in Basel, Switzerland.

At outdoors engagements in the suburbs of Malmoe the band uses five pieces. Drums and piano are omitted and replaced by Dennis Johnson on banjo. Successful appearance at Malmoe’s big jazz festival.

The band is getting tighter through many gigs in and around Malmoe.

April 4th 1990
Paul and his Gang is founded and gives its first concert during an evening in tribute to Bix Beiderbecke at the College of Music in Malmoe. The members are: Paul Bocciolone Strandberg, comet, vocal; Dymitr Markiewicz, trombone; Lars-Erik Ström, clarinet and alto; Jan Lundgren, piano; Jonas Eilert (replacing the ailing bass sax player Frans Sjöstrom) sousaphone; Ragnar Tretow, drums.